Saurya Edunext Gen (P) the pioneer in providing prompt and reliable services in
e-academia and e-business as per the need and choice of an individual/institution. It excels with its
existence in e-Learning, e-Content development, ICT Training, Software Development, Digital
Literacy, Vocational Training & Video Conferencing Solutions.

Presently the company is managed under the able guidance of the IT and Management
professionals with more than 500 resource persons including Academician, Scientist, Technology Experts
& Trainers) having 10-15 years of experience in the field of e-Learning, e-Content, Digital Literacy,
Vocational Training & Video Conferencing.

We have ushered in the age of digital technology. Computer reigns everywhere from a small
kiosk to a giant corporate house. Amongst all the sectors, from a top ranking factory to a farm house,
information technology is espousing essentially to pave a path for rapid growth. In fact, e-business is
becoming the most favored word with corporate as it has taken over the traditional business practices. A
clear perception of the growing requirement of the corporate world in the area of IT has incited SAURYA
to develop programs of specific relevance for the present surviving need to the future contriving.

Education is an independent asset for attaining the ideal of peace, prosperity and plays an
important role in the personal, intellectual and social development of human being. The aim of education in
the 21st century is being redefined. It is not only for economic productivity as employment generation but
also to creating a better world through developing science, technology development of human values and
international understanding as cooperation.

Knowledge of the world has become a rich as vast intellectual capital which is to be nurtured
groomed and utilizes to feel demand and aspiration of global society. Integration of the information
technology in the educational process empowers the learners to acquire skills, knowledge, understanding
and their application. IT provides scope to access, collate, interpret and organize information and
knowledge from different sources in the world and encourage students for lifelong learning through eLearning
and on line learning process.

Once ultimate mission and objective is to emerge as a top leader in IT solutions and services by
integrating graphic design with web page layout, with interactive programming, and database driver
content to plan, build and deploy e-learning.

SAURYA is continuously looking for an opportunity to work with National importance organization
and Universities under various schemes like as below.

1-National Mission on Education through Information & Communication Technology (NMEICT) under Higher Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India.
2- National Skill Development Mission under PMO
3- National Mission on Food Technology under Ministry of Food Processing Industry.
4- ICT @Schools under School Education, Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India

Digital Literacy

Acquisition of technical competence for using information and communication technologies is an initial point for an understanding of digital literacy. e-Learning mentors squabble that one of the significant competencies required in almost all subject domains is embedded with digital literacy, i.e., the ability to use ICTs in ways that are explicit to a particular knowledge or occupational domain.

It has been felt that there is an urgent need to build the aptitude of College/ University/School teachers in digital literacy skills and competencies so that they shall fabricate the digital natives of the upcoming future. Digital Literacy Skills (DLS) are essential to access, create and disseminate digitized information, using ICT.

1- The project aims to impart skills that comprise the competencies to recognize information needs and to locate, evaluate, apply and create information within cultural and social contexts. To develop the digital literacy skills and competencies of the University / College/School

2-To develop the digital literacy skills and competencies of the University / College/school teachers needed in the Information Technology Age.

3-To enhance ICT Digital Literacy opportunities in teaching /learning innovations.

4-To train the University/College/School teachers on Rapid e-Content Development skills.

Vision: Our Vision to develop Saurya Virtual University with world class infra structure and offer 2500 courses and over 300 complete degrees, diplomas, and certificates online.


Digital Content Development

E-Content: e-Courses: e-Training: e-Library: e-Resources

We are marching with steadfast zest into the Web site and e-learning content development. We develop precise and informative content for learning solutions to meet the unique needs of the targeted milieu. Our team of seasoned writers, instructional designers, and subject matter experts (SMEs) are our strengths in content development. The instructional designers, writers, and SMEs stride hand-in-hand to carefully define the learning objectives and design the content.

Learning Solutions: We provide learning solutions in the form of

 Course Designs (Detailed or Outlines)
 Storyboards (Scripts) & Instructional Designing
 Multimedia: Simulations, Graphics, 2D/3D Animations
 Voice Over & Post Production
 Assessments: MCQ, Fill the Blanks, Matching, Quiz, Activity
 Computer Based Training (CBT)/Web Based Training (WBT)
 Open Source Courseware using Adobe Builder & in addition, we offer customized learning
solutions as per unique training needs.

Features & Supports

 Prerequisite
 Learning Objective
 Learning Section: including Video & 2D/3D animated e-Content
 SCORM Compliance
 Questionnaire
 e-Book for to take a printout of study materials.
 Assignments
 Audio Transcript: for slow learner
 Glossary
 LOR for mobile users
 Feedback
 References & Links for further reading

A well- defined project approach for scope of work including a description of interactivity and media treatments

Saurya conducted a research in India with over 80 higher education institutions and 56 corporate in India. The results of the research enabled us to change the way we look at Elearning.As mentioned earlier, E-learning offers a host of benefits, only when it is implemented and absorbed by all the stakeholders.

We found out that E-learning content developed or available at higher education Institutions & organizations offer name sake interactivity. The interest levels drop very fast and an average participant loses his interest within 15 minutes of reading through the E-Content. The E-learning content also lacks subject expertise and sometimes is just a copy of what is presented in books or in some cases, just the pdf version of books are being used as E content.

Being at the forefront of E-learning content development in India for over 3 years, Saurya offers realistic and effective solutions for a successful E- learning methodology. The E-learning content development process while being scientific in nature also needs to be tested for over 100 hours to find out the missing links.

Curriculum Development Process

Identification of Employable Skills set in a sector based on the division of work in the labor market in consultation with Industry, employee’s organizations, experts from ILO, GTZ, World Bank, Central/State Government establishments, Central/State bodies on skill building, educationist.
 Development of training modules corresponding to skills set/competencies identified.
 Organizing Modules into Course Matrix indicating vertical and horizontal mobility,
 Development of detailed curriculum on running training programs
 Vetting of course curriculum by a trade committee comprising representatives of Industry, Training
Providers & Trade Experts
 Inviting comments from Employers/ Employees Organizations, Trade Organizations, State Govts

Quality Assurance
Separation of training delivery and assessment functions are aimed at ensuring better quality.The performance of the Vocational Training Institute is closely monitored based on the outputs and outcomes of training provided by them. Rating would be awarded to the Vocational Training Institute as per details mentioned below.

1-Counseling & vocational guidance
2-Providing good quality training
3-Providing training in a flexible mode to suit trainees needs
4-Post training support to trainees
5-Maintaining information on trainees trained and outcome of training

Our Partner

1-. NIELIT, Ajmer Centre, Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India.
2-. NIELIT, Gorakhpur Centre, Ministry of Information Technology, Govt. of India.
3-. National Council Of Educational Research And Training (NCERT), Delhi
4-. Vigyan Prasar, Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of India
5-. RSLDC, Ministry of Labour & Employment, Govt. of India
.6-National Institute for Entrepreneurship and Small Business Development
(NIESBUD), Ministry of MSME, Govt. of India.
7-. Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
8- Punjab University, Dept. of Political Science, Chandigarh, Punjab.
9-National Law University, Delhi
10-.Various National & International Private Publishers, Schools, Colleges and much more.